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Ensure your nonprofit's programs are healthy and effective.

Every program and service that your nonprofit offers should play an important role in advancing your mission. Ensuring the financial sustainability and effectiveness of each program and service is critical to your organization’s overall health and impact. 

Our program design work focuses on:

Program Evaluation

Determine whether a program is essential to your organization’s strategy, assess its financial health and develop a better understanding of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This work can often lead to changes to or elimination of existing programs and services or the introduction of new ones.

Program Planning

Develop goals and activity plans for the next year for each of your organization’s programs and services based on the imperatives in your strategic plan. Then, ensure those plans are carried out by your program/direct service staff, and measure your results using the Nonprofit Impact Dashboard™.

Program Design Success Story

  • To us, it was really important to work with a team that took time to get to know our organization and our resident animals. Prosper not only got to know us, they became an important part of our team (and of course fell in love with the animals). They channeled this love and positive energy into everything they did for us. This resulted in the development of a strategic plan that had clear and actionable goals, along with a plan for measuring our progress. Additionally, we now have beautiful messaging and a marketing plan that will expand our reach. I would have no hesitation recommending Prosper Strategies.

    Dr. Susan E. Founder and Executive Director of Mindful Earth* (actual organization name redacted due to capital campaign quiet phase in progress)

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