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How re:power collaborated with Prosper Strategies to audit and upgrade their digital marketing for 2021.

The Challenge

In 2020, re:power was two years out from a rebrand (they were formerly Wellstone Action), and looking to solidify their digital presence under the new brand, find their niche in online discussions of progressive politics and reach new donors. 

re:power is focused on building a future of inclusive politics, and works to uncover the existing leadership in our communities, with an emphasis on women of color and people living at the intersections of marginalized identities. To do so, the organization runs trainings on candidate development, campaign management, capacity building, digital organizing and more. 

re:power is focused on movement building, but recognizes that a great deal of online political activism and fundraising happens in a rapid-response format. In progressive circles, this became even more true during the Trump administration and in response to the murder of George Floyd. re:power wanted to build long-term momentum for progressive causes while also activating their audience during key political inflection points. All of this work also aimed to inform internal discussions of how re:power might shift their digital marketing and fundraising efforts depending on the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. 

Prosper performed a pro bono marketing audit and prepared a set of marketing recommendations as a part of our Changemaker Marketing Lab grants program.

Marketing Audit

In their marketing audit, we looked at re:power’s email marketing, website, blog, social media and overall fundraising success. We looked for whether best practices were in place, such as the use of automated emails and engaging calls to action. We also compared tactical performance to associated benchmarks,

Additionally, our audit investigated how marketing performance aligned with re:power’s goals, such as the states they wanted to prioritize in marketing.

This screenshot shows a general overview of our social media audit.

Marketing Recommendations

Based on our marketing audit, we identified several areas in which re:power could make small tweaks to better track digital marketing performance, such as setting up additional campaign tracking through Google Analytics. Additionally, we recommended ways in which re:power could amplify and build on already-strong content by systematizing how content was created and changing how it was shared.

We also provided recommendations for expanding re:power’s digital presence and impact. These included using additional audience segmentation to better target their messaging, and using tools like Facebook Live and podcasts to play to their Executive Director’s strengths. 

Finally, we addressed ways in which re:power could use social and Google ads to target the states in which they are most focused on building momentum, gathering donations and enrolling organizers in trainings.

This screenshot shows a general overview of our social media, advertising and email marketing recommendations.


As we move out of the pandemic and toward the midterm elections, we look forward to seeing re:power implement these marketing recommendations to continue to build a more inclusive political system.

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