Independent Sector & Prosper Strategies Webinar

Build a Better Nonprofit Brand By Aligning With Your Mission and Values

Featuring Erin Walton, Executive Director of Resilience (formerly Rape Victim Advocates)

This webinar was held on February 6, 2019

Your nonprofit’s brand is the key that unlocks your mission and values for your stakeholders. It’s time to start treating it that way.

In this webinar, we heard from Erin Walton, Executive Director of Resilience, about the organization’s recent renaming and rebranding initiative. In the recording, you’ll find out why her organization’s former name (Rape Victim Advocates) had begun to handicap their mission, and learn how rebranding brought them back into alignment. Then, you’ll learn how you can determine whether your nonprofit’s brand is aligned with your mission and values, and what you can do about it if it’s not.

We discussed:

What an effective, mission-aligned nonprofit brand looks like, and how Resilience knew their brand was no longer working

An honest, behind-the-scenes look at the Resilience rebranding process, from getting internal stakeholders on board, to landing on a new name, to rolling out the new brand and restructuring marketing accordingly

The biggest challenges Resilience faced during the rebranding process

How your organization can evaluate the effectiveness of its brand, and what you should do if it’s time for a change

Why an effective brand is essential to your nonprofit’s success

This webinar focused on Commitment #2 in the Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto.  It is one of a series of 13 hosted by Prosper Strategies and Independent Sector over the course of 2019. See the full schedule here and check “sign up for all webinars” if you want to automatically be registered for all sessions. You can also view past webinars on earlier commitments here.

This Webinar Featured:

Erin is the Executive Director of Resilience (formerly Rape Victims Advocates), where she oversaw the development and execution of a complete rebrand of the organization in 2018.

Alyssa Conrardy, President, Prosper Strategies

Alyssa Conrardy is the president and co-founder of Prosper Strategies, the country’s leading nonprofit marketing agency. She’s on a mission to help nonprofits realize the full potential of marketing so that the nonprofit sector can realize its full potential to change the world. Alyssa writes and speaks frequently about the intersection of marketing and social impact, and has been featured in Wall Street Journal and PRWeek Magazine.

Robert Jones, Vice President, Engagement and Communications, Independent Sector

Robert Jones is a former journalist and consultant who now serves as the Vice President for Engagement & Communications at Independent Sector. He’s committed to telling better stories for those who do good.

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